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Goodwill Find, A Vintage Folding Chair

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Happy New Year! I've had such a wonderful time over the last few days just enjoying time with my family. We took the kids to the zoo today! It was a beautiful 81 degrees here in Arizona, but I'm not bragging. :)

I found this little beauty a couple months back for only $5 at one of my local Goodwill spots.

I fell in love with the straight lines and the muted wood tone. The best part? It's also a folding chair!
I recovered the seat cushion with a piece of scrap fabric that I had on hand.
The fabric seemed to fit the piece well -- a kind of vintage-modern feel.
Nothing was done to the wood frame. It was just perfect as-is!
I find that you can never have too many chairs around the house. This one moves from room to room as needed. So glad I found it!

In other news, I've had so many questions about the headboard done as a part of my Mini Bedroom Makeover, that I will be posting a more detailed tutorial tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Lots of love,

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