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The Girls' Room Progress 1.2 - A Painted Nightstand


I'm finally back to painting some furniture! It's been nice to break out the paint brush this past weekend and I was actually able to nearly complete four pieces! One of which I'm super excited to show you today. :)

If your new to the blog, you should know that I'm six-and-a-half-months pregnant. And I'm starting to feel the pressure of the to-do list -- mainly finishing the girls' room so that I can start on baby Daniel's room. Well here's some progress for you. I present to you, the nightstand:

This piece didn't start out so "pretty." It was perfect, however, for the cowboy-themed room previously owned by our cousin Jadon (who has since been upgraded to a young man's room). So we've re-purposed the furniture and kept it in the family! This is what the nightstand looked like before:

You may know that I was the lucky winner of one of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint giveaways as a promotion for her upcoming American tour. The giveaway was hosted by Kirsty over at Sanity and Chaos and stockist Randy from R. Lucas Scott Co. I chose Coco as one of the new colors to try out and it turned out to be the PERFECT color for this nightstand. It took just two coats of paint followed by a clear wax and then dark wax to age it a little bit.
I chose pink crystal knobs from Target (if you can believe it), which complements the Coco color well. Adilynne (our almost-four-year-old) was so excited when she saw the knobs -- just her style.
Now the fun part was deciding what to do to the top of the nightstand. I knew I wanted to do something different and when I ran across this pic online, it was perfect! I copied the design by freehand with a pencil first, then went over my pencil lines painting with a small art brush, followed by the wax to finish it off. If you don't trust yourself to freehand, a stencil would turn out nicely to place any sort of design on your table top.
Both of my girls just love birds! And I love how just a simple silhouette can be modernized with a bold, bright color.
I'll have the painting of the twin beds ready for you next week and I'm hoping to get some crown molding done soon! Again, if you missed the inspiration and planning post for this room, it can be seen here. Also, the paining of the polka dot walls can be seen here.

Lots of love,

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