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Adi & Gabby's room - Planning/Inspiration

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As many of you know, we're expecting our third child (first boy!) in late March. Since it wouldn't be wise to buy yet another crib set, we've decided to move our two girls into the larger extra room to share and bump them up to twins, while we recycle Gabby's crib for the new baby. With that said, I now have two rooms to plan and execute prior to March (deep breath).

So I've decided to share this process with you in hopes to keep me honest and on track. I hopefully will be posting weekly updates with my progress. So here are my thoughts on the girls' room:

Don't you just LOVE polka dots? This is my first bit of inspiration. I plan to paint large polka dots about the same scale as above  -- but with more subdued colors.

This is what the room looks like today (for lack of a better pic).
Meet your basic, boring, empty room. Talk about a blank slate!

And here are my drawn up plans:
All furniture has already been purchased but just about everything will need to be painted.

The walls are currently a shade lighter than the above pic and the dresser & hutch combo we have from Adi's bedroom set has a lot of the same styling detail as this one. Her dresser is currently off-white, but this pic made me think it would be nice to add some soft pink to the detailing -- just to freshen things up a bit.

I found this monogram that Centsational Girl painted on some clear plates and instantly thought of the girls' beds. I knew I wanted to personalize them with maybe the first letter of their name, but I saw this today and it was just perfect. I'll be imitating some version of this on the beds for sure!

And then we get to book storage. We're in desperate need of some book organization and I've been ogling versions of the infamous toddler book wall for ages now. It's in the plans for this room. Not sure if we'll build one or purchase at Ikea (I've seen it done with frame shelves and spice racks), but one way or the other, it'll get done. Also, did you see the stripes on the ceiling in the above photo? Do I dare? Will it be too busy with the polka dots? I'll have to see as everything comes together.

I just liked this photo! So girly and these are the colors we'll use aside from the brown. :)

And finally, I'll need to create some form of artwork display space. I'm digging the above inspiration pic. The symmetry and white classic frames make each piece all the more special! I may, however, just frame cork and leave the glass out so that we can interchange favorites. Adi colors on a daily basis and I know she would just love this!

So what do you think? I definitely have my work cut out for me. I'm so very excited yet overwhelmed at the same time.

Here are my to-do's:
  • Crown molding install
  • Paint polka dots
  • Sew drapery
  • Paint beds
  • Paint nightstand
  • Update dresser and small table/chairs (paint)
  • Find or make rug (may involve paint)
  • Install book wall
  • Create artwork display wall
  • Address lighting issues
*Please note: All inspiration photos have been pulled from Pinterest and link back to their original source.

    Lots of love,

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