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How to make this Thanksgiving memorable

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It's less than two days away! The big day when we get to eat all the Turkey and pie to our little heart's content. As we prepare for the big meal and try to time out all the little details so that everything is complete when that Turkey comes out of the oven, I can't help but think of my growing children and how to preserve these precious memories and make Thanksgiving extra special and memorable. And most important, I want my girls to be truly thankful and learn why we celebrate Thanksgiving -- to understand our thankfulness for Christ.

I stumbled upon this amazing idea that is sure to become a family tradition in our home! Check out "From glitter to gumdrops" featured here. She showcases a friend of hers who used the same tablecloth every Thanksgiving for the last 34 years. Each family member in attendance is encouraged to write and draw what they are thankful for on the cloth and she then embroiders over the writing in preparation for the following year. How special is that?!

This is something that can easily be pulled together last minute before the festivities begin. Yay! I'm so excited!

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