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Pumpkins - Thanksgiving table decor

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Thanksgiving is less than one week away and you're probably finalizing your decorations and meal plans. I've seen so many amazing ideas for painted pumpkins this year and just love the thought of incorporating them into Thanksgiving table decor.

I've been seeing a lot of golds and neutrals lately! Perfectly Imperfect made the cool color of blue so warm and cozy with her combination of neutrals. I wouldn't have guessed to put these colors together, but it works SO well!

Check out the detail on these puppies. And oh how I just love polka dots!

Or you could use a simple stencil design.

What great ideas! Also, such a fun way to get the kids involved.

*Please note: Inspiration photos have been posted from Pinterest and all link back to their original source. Please click on each individual photo for further ideas and tutorials.

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