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Chevron wall accent panels

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Do you remember the chevron wall panel that was used to stage "Chloe - A vintage drexel heritage desk"? I received a lot of feedback and questions on the chevron panel, so I thought I would share how and why that project came to be.

I actually painted two panels. They are large 8' x 4' sheets of plywood from the hardware store. I paid about $8 a piece for them. Honestly, the decorative accent panel was an afterthought. The original use was to create a make-shift table for our church's college group Thanksgiving party last year. We needed a table that would seat about 18 people and rather than rent, we decided to make something up.

After the party was over, I had two large sheets of plywood and was determined to do something with them. As I looked at my living room wall where the television is, it just didn't look complete. Our plans are to one day have a media built-in and stone fireplace installed on that wall. But for now, I needed some sort of visual interest in that space. Something to fill up the 9' ceilings but not look too cluttered (because the TV is on that wall).
I started by painting both boards white as a backdrop. Before deciding on the chevron print, I actually starting a damask print using a homemade stencil. I got about half of one board done and decided it looked way too busy for that I started over.

I used a ruler and pencil to measure and trace out my design, then taped and painted the wall color to create the chevron stripes. I'm happy with it (for now), and hopefully it can tide me over until we can focus on the ultimate goal.

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