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My Fall "mantle"

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I like to change out my decor to go with the seasons. But like most here in Arizona, we don't have a fireplace...thus, no mantle. So where do we hang our stockings, you ask? The piano, of course! :)  It's the only place that we could really think of, so I like to call it my "mantle."

I just wanted to encourage you that you don't have to spend a lot or change out too many things in order to decorate for Fall or Thanksgiving. Everything you see on this mantle was either purchased on clearance, at a thrift store, or just for a darn good price. 

I also like to move accessories around my home every couple of months -- just to give things a fresh, new look. For example, the three pots of greenery were purchased at IKEA (for a darn good price) and I moved them from my kitchen to the mantle.

I picked up this adorable little chair for 50 cents at a local thrift store.

I love the texture that the twig-wrapped stars bring. Again, another thrift store find. I think I paid around $2 a piece. And as an added bonus, I can still use them for Christmas decor by just adding some white lights!

And finally, for a pop of color and giving height to the area, some berry twigs in a tall vase. These were on clearance at Pier One last year after Thanksgiving.

As I step back to look at the final picture, I look for a few different things: 1) variation of height, 2) variation of texture, 3) an element of symmetry, and 4) balance of colors.

Lots of love,

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