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The Girls' Room Progress 1.1 - Polka Dots!


The polka dots are done! If you missed my post detailing the master plan for this room, it can be seen here. The polka dots turned out to be a daunting task, but now that it's done I just LOVE the end result! The scale is just perfect and I'm really pleased with the color contrast between the brown and pink. Here's a look at the final paint job:

I didn't use a stencil. I just had a hard time justifying the expense for a simple circle. Thoughts of grade school and the protractor came flooding back to memory. So I gathered up my supplies.
A pencil, pushpin, and a string of some sort (I used this Christmas ribbon because it's what I had on hand). I measured out the approximate size that I wanted my polka dots and tied the ribbon accordingly.
The rest is simple, just as it looks. Hold the pin in place where you want your dot and trace your circle onto the wall with the pencil. You may need to circle the pencil mark around a couple times to ensure that everything matches up well. Also, it's important to tie the string as close to the tip of the pencil as possible so that you have more control over the pencil line. I wasn't able to capture a photo of just the pencil line circle, but here's a snapshot of a single complete circle:
The hardest part comes next.  I wanted my polka dots to be symmetrical, so I needed to measure, measure, measure! This took so much time, but totally worth the end result. Once my circles were all mapped out, I broke out my pink paint and painted each dot with two coats. I used Behr in the color "silk ribbon."
Next, I'll be tackling crown molding and the painting of the beds and nightstand. To be continued...

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