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What is it you ask? MY HOUSE IS CLEAN! Yes, that's right. We had a professional cleaner come in the other day to clean the house and prepare for expected company, which forced me to pick up and organize a bit. Which brings me to my New Year's resolution: to keep it that way! My goal is to spend 15 minutes every morning, noon, and evening walking around the house to just pick up things and put them back in their place. It may seem like a simple task to most of you, but this has been hard for us to do. And with the children getting older, it doesn't get easier. I need to train myself to be a better housekeeper.

I normally don't make New Year's resolutions, because as my pastor said this last Sunday morning, "We should be resolved to be more holy every day of the year." This statement doesn't necessarily mean that we shouldn't be making New Year's resolutions, but rather it puts those resolutions into perspective. My primary duty and joy is to be a wife and a mother, which includes being the keeper of my home. Let me be resolved to be more diligent in this area every day of the year and not just around New Year's Day.

So now that I've aired out all my dirty laundry, I must know... am I alone? Or do you struggle with the same thing?
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