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Hello World!


Hello and welcome! (Deep breath).

So I've decided to start a blog.  My first thought was, why?... Because in no way have I been or will ever be a writer, or at least a good one. You will probably find 101 grammar mistakes that will drive you absolutely crazy.  I'm ok with that.  Maybe I will learn to do a better job as I go along this journey. I wanted a place to catalogue all my DIY projects, and a place to record those special mommy moments as my children grow.  May the Lord be glorified in all things and let it be known that the gifts, talents, and graces all come from Him and nothing of myself. I am but a servant of the Lord.

Meet my beautiful family.

Me, My handsome husband Daniel, Adilynne (holding mommy's hands), Gabriella (in daddy's arms), and our beautiful grandma Louise!  This was our Christmas photo last year. Sorry I don't have a full family photo that's more recent.

More recently, this is me and my handsome :)
Not the best quality photo, but one of my favorites!

Thank you for visiting.  I will be posting my first project soon. Yay!

Lots of Love,


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